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Data labeling and Annotation

Annotation is a tedious and time-consuming work, it needs highly experienced & professional workspace to create large volumes of annotated data like pictures or images that can be used to train machines and make them functional for AI-based models.

Service Offering

Interested in leveraging BPO resources for labeling (image annotation, video labeling, etc.) get in touch with us.

If you have requirement of annotation/labeling for images or videos etc. you can outsource it to PBS. We offer complete annotation and labeling services for images and videos in various formats like Bounding Box, Tagging, Point & Dot Annotation, Polygonal Annotation and Line Annotation.


Our Team has good hands on various annotation tools. 

We are experts in helping computer vision algorithms recognize shapes, patterns, motions and objects within images.

We Provide Image Annotation for Traffic signs, pedestrians, logos, text, furnitures, products, different types of Vehicles and around 20 different classes.


Product labeling are the need of the hour for every organization involved in the e Commerce, Retail , Fashion & Sports industry.

Our Services includes adding specific captions & Keywords to the images which will make it easier to classify them.

Benefit of using our services

●    We have years of experience in generating quality annotation from         image and video based inputs.
●    We have best practices in self driving vehicles, sports and                       e-Commerce environment.
●    We provide much better quality as compare to crowdsourcing with          best pricing.
●     Identities, behaviors, and skills are known.
●     In-house Human Intelligence Experts acting as project managers to        take care of task workflows and QA. 

Site Address :

No: B3, Floor No: 01,
Swami Samarth Bldg.,
Gurudwara Road, Walhekarwadi
Pune 411033 

Reg. Address :

F. No 10, Samarth Vihar A Building, Survey No 14/7, Near Maherwat, Dhayari,
Pune 411041


Phone: +91 982 262 2544
Fax:      +91 020 2767 5127